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Hire dedicated team members across the globe and make your project execution smoother and efficient.


Businesses that have started hiring dedicated resources have seen a drop in cost by around 40% and an increase in productivity. You can get your work done during your time zone, milestone, and in your given deadline. This model helps the businesses to choose the best from a pool of resources and avoid the hassle of in house team. With the help of dedicated resources, you can create great business strategies for your business needs. It gives you the flexibility to choose the right talent according to your needs and manage them in the way you want.

What makes us stand out in the competitive market is our values and how we work. We provide the best solutions that benefit you and also give you positive experiences.

Benefits of Hiring Dedicated Resources from Dibuddy:

⦁ Dependability
⦁ Instant implementation of solutions
⦁ Qualified resources that have a high level of experience and expertise
⦁ Zero investment in maintaining the in-house team of experts or setting-up the infrastructure
⦁ Focus on your main business requirements
⦁ Dedicated support for all your needs
⦁ Communication through Phone, Email, Skype or chat and stay connected 24*7
⦁ Timely Project Updates
⦁ Works according to your timezone



Hiring dedicate tech engineers is easier than you can imagine. Dibuddy gets you a pool of tech experts that are highly skilled in different technologies. A dedicated tech engineer will provide the work in a faster turn around time and at a lesser cost. Our resources will work for you at your desired time.


Hire the most dedicated and hardworking web developer who has experience working with different CMS. If you are looking forward to developing a WordPress website or Joomla website, our team of experts has the skills to work on it. Your clients want a static website or an E-commerce website, they can nail it! So hire the best talent that can work during your timings.


If you require embedded developers that build everything from the start till the end then we can provide you dedicated resources to fulfill your needs. Our team of embedded developers has knowledge of different technologies. You can hire hardware as well as software embedded developers who work for you on a part-time, full-time, hourly, or project basis.


At Dibuddy, you can hire a dedicated app developer with extensive skills and pitch your app ideas. The resources have rich knowledge different app development platforms and the latest technologies. They are focused on developing apps that add value to your business. We emerge as the correct choice for the businesses that are exploring the potential of apps. So why not hire a team without going through the pain of maintaining an in-house team.


You can hire the most talented design engineer that can work on your designing needs. Our teams of designer engineers think and then create. They do a proper brainstorming on every design project and then create a virtual model as a visual and functioning prototype.


You can hire the most experienced and dedicated branding and creative experts that work according to your timezone and handle your project according to your requirements. These experts as just as your in house employees and will be in constant touch through Skype, email or chat.


Our highly experience Search engine optimization professionals will help you to polish the areas that requires more work and will provided solutions that will direct you on the right path. We will provide assistance in repairing the areas that are not working. It can be challenging to choose the right keywords for your audience. The dedicated resources will do an in-depth analysis to figure out which keywords work best for you and the ones that do not work.


Our Social media managers will manage your campaigns efficiently and in a cost effective manner so that it lessens your burden on budgets. Our experts focuses on building campaigns that gives maximum output. They handle your social media accounts and helps you to reach maximum audience. Our resources have the knowledge of picking the right hashtag, generate leads, post the perfect stories on the social media and use different strategies to attract more audience.


You can hire writers that have high level of experience with different kinds of content writing. Whether it is a blog or a website content, our writers can write up an excellent piece. They study the trend and deliver the work that appeals the readers. Our writers also has experience in writing SEO optimized content to drive more readers to your website.
Along with talented writers, you can also hire translators and Linguists that provide high quality service and provide on-time delivery.
We also provide dedicated animators and voice over artists who have high level of experience with animation and voice talent. Our resources have been in the market for years and have built up their skills and professionalism that is required to get your job done right in the first go.



Hire the best Ad Campaign Managers that help to boost your sales. No matter what kind of online Ad models you prefer, our dedicated managers have expertise in dealing with any of them.  Just creating a campaign will not help you to get potential customers but you need to optimize data, use proper demographics, and make it traffic-driven. Does it sound like too much work? Well, you do not need to worry, our dedicated managers have got your back! They will carry everything from planning to execution and increase your business revenue.

Are you looking for increasing your website traffic or increase the number of conversions or want both? Our dedicated Ad managers will help you reach your target. Our team of experts has experience handling hundreds of campaigns and has always managed to retain a high number of clients. Our highly talented Ad campaign managers will make sure every click counts. So what are you waiting for? Hire the best ones right away.


Every brand faces a unique set of challenges! We have a team of highly experienced and talented Awareness Campaign Managers that create campaigns targeting “Brand Awareness”, “Reach” and “Engagement”. We listen to your needs and come up with solutions that fit your specific needs.
Branding plays an important role no matter what type of company you are. You need to stand out in the competitive market. In today’s digital world every business comes with ads every single day but if you have strong branding, you catch an eye! So to get attention, you need to use creative strategies to show your products and services on the digital platform. Picking the right channel also plays an important role. If you opt for a channel where active users are very low then that will be of no use.
Our result-oriented awareness campaign manager will manage your campaigns in a timely manner and push it beyond the boundaries to make sure your brand stands out in the crowd.

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