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Paid Ad Managements made easy as pie with our expertise

Change is constant, and that is the same with the mindset of customers, the way customers look for different products online, and the information they take in keeps changing. It is difficult to predict what course the customer’s action takes. It is essential to keep yourself abreast of all the new technologies and data analysis algorithms that predict customer or user behavior and online interests.

Our paid advertisement management team has the expertise required to create and implement plans that increase business growth.  We know the right strategies and tactics that guarantee to bring the most out of your paid advertisements. Capitalizing on the interests shown by customers, their demographics, online behavior, and interests is made easier with our expertise.

We make sure the presence of you and your business and products are a part of the everyday lives of your audience and help you reach them where and when it matters the most without affecting your ROAS.


Google Ads

Get started on Google Ads and make your online presence lucrative

Do you want to make your online presence felt across almost 90% of people who use the internet?, then getting an advertisement on Google- the search engine with the lion’s share of internet traffic is the answer. Google is the leader in displaying PPC advertisements; these advertisements also show the highest CTRs than all other advertisement networks combined.


Our Google Ads management team helps you manage the advertisements you place on Google Ads by initially undertaking intense research to identify the right keyword for earmarking the right audience for maximum conversions. Right keywords go a long way in driving the right set of users to your website. Our job doesn’t end here we ensure you get the maximum returns off your investment by:


  • Intense research for the identification of targeted keywords.
  • Analysis of advertisement campaigns by competing businesses.
  • Creation of unique and effective advertising campaigns and copywriting.
  • Design and construction of landing page.
  • In-depth and all-encompassing performance report.
  • Consultation and analysis of advertisement performance.
  • Optimal selection of Meta description for advertisement.


We also provide other services related to Google Advertisements like:


  • Design of Banner Advertisements
  • A/B testing
  • Advertisements via Gmail
  • Local advertising services by Google


Other than this, we have a specialized team of PPC consultants that brainstorms with the management team to enhance the Quality Score of the advertisement landing page on your website. We also ensure that the landing pages are User Experience optimized, Search Engine optimized, and keyword optimized.

Google Display Network (GDN)

Unlock the benefits of the vast Google Display Network

What is Google Display Network? It is the wide and vast network of Google and its various subsidiaries like Gmail, YouTube, etc. Place advertisements on the network and maximize the returns of your business’ online presence.

A high performing Google Display Network advertisement is a product of successful remarketing to existing website visitors. Retargeting a previous visitor to your website is done to make the conversion cycle complete. Cookies placed targeting the targeted audience place advertisements piquing the interest of users who have already visited your website without making a purchase. This vastly improves the chance of the visitor buying off your website though they are on the verge of making purchases off competitor websites.

If you wish to place advertisements on any of the websites of the Google Display Network, then you have to follow a strict rule set and stick to it, but the advantages certainly rank higher than certain inconveniences. They are:

  • Immediate and effective results.
  • Attractive branding.
  • Continuous and free exposure.
  • Hyper targeting of the audience.


Google Shopping

Retail therapy is real in all settings

What is it about shopping that gives you a high? Now when everything is online, shopping becomes even more enjoyable. The ease of treating oneself at the click of a button makes many users throng online shopping websites.

Google shopping plays a major role in making things better and more enjoyable for consumers. Products are listed in terms of features, prices, etc., conveniently, thereby making google shopping the best platform for ECommerce advertising.

If you are trying to improve your sales figures only via Search Engine Optimized keywords, then you are in for a big disappointment as biggies like Amazon always get the prime spot in these scenarios. So opting for Product Listing Advertisements (PLAs) and Google Shopping is the best thing to do for growing businesses. The listing of your products and services happens with the help of our PPC management team. We help create dynamic PLAs that show results and guarantee an increase in sales figures.


PPC Call Tracking

Earn for every single click on your advertisement

PPC advertisements are the most simple and most effective form of monetizing the website of a business owner. A PPC advertisement is a foolproof method of reaching a user that shows interest in your product or service.

How do you know if your PPC advertising is working as intended? You use PPC Call Tracking to check the efficiency of a PPC Advertisement. It is a method of tracking conversion rates wherein you get to know the number of potential customers that called your business after viewing or clicking on your PPC advertisement.

Some advantages of Google PPC call tracking are:

  • Keep track of your sources
  • Run a split test
  • Get access to call data
  • Get Keyword data
  • Analyse and track performance of advertisement campaign


What are the other advantages of Google PPC call tracking?

One main standout feature of Google PPC call tracking is the option of Click to Call (CTC) that Google Ads offers for mobile users. A user can call the phone number listed under the business’ advertisement.

Google Ads also gives you the option of running call-only advertisements, which is great to increase call traffic.

Real-time observation of advertisement campaigns and some features like measurement of the length of the phone call and its impact on conversion rates are also possible through the monitoring process in Google PPC call tracking.

Comparison of mobile and desktop versions

There is an option to compare the effectiveness of your PPC advertisement on a mobile device or a desktop.  This allows for improved optimization of your PPC advertisements for varying devices and audiences.

Just a simple click on the “Segment” button enables you to view all data like clickthrough rates, conversion rates, and impressions for varying devices.


Eat the cake and the icing too with Bing Ads

Well, the search engine market leader is Google, but Bing Ads, or more specifically,  the PPC advertising services provided by Bing, has a fair share in the online market as well. So why lose the opportunity to get the icing off the cake too?

You might be wondering who clicks on Bing Ads anyway? There is a whole set of internet users out there who do not use Google as their search engine, and they use Bing.

Though the number of users using Bing might be less, there are many advantages to using Bing Ads:

  • Capitalize on the leads and traffic generated by non-Google users.
  • The competition to bid and place advertisements on Bing is relatively low and hence easier.
  • Lesser competition means you pay less to reach users.
  • Bing Ads generate higher ROI than Google Ads.
  • Makes optimal usage of display advertisements shown on mobile devices.

The steps in our Bing Ads management and execution service are:

  • Keyword selection
  • Design of campaign
  • Copywriting advertisements
  • Targeted Keyword placement in advertisement
  • Setting up campaign
  • Run through of campaign
  • Analysis of campaign performance
  • Optimization of campaign by improvising

Amazon Ads Management

Get in touch with the royalty of eCommerce

Amazon, the undisputed king among eCommerce marketplaces, is where you need to place an advertisement if you wish your online retail business to make a mark. We help you in developing an effective advertising campaign on Amazon and get your products and services the best attention ever.

Start an Amazon advertising campaign with our help and watch your business grow in leaps and bounds. We target the right customers and drive traffic to your online business without losing sight of the advertising budget.

We analyze and compare all your real-time data to drive super targeted and high traffic to your online website, and without any assumptions.

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