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Govt. and Non-Profits Consultation Service

Complete Guide & Assistance to Creating a Secure and User-Friendly Tech Ecosystem

Return for Citizenship

Return for citizenship is best described as the social value citizens get in return for their tax money. We help government organizations achieve a high return for citizenship through citizen engagement and modern social innovation.
We equip government organizations and non-profits with the best and advanced technological innovations so they can achieve social and economic success. Standard methods are used by all of our global resources that effectively provide Management and IT assistance and assessment and Soft Infrastructure and Digital Forensic Consulting. By availing our services, government organizations can find IT solutions that improve efficiency, which leads to increased return for citizenship. Our highly talented and experienced consultants all over the world have leading backgrounds in Management and IT consulting. They are trained in strategizing, software procurement, implementation methods and assessments.


  • CRM Consulting
  • Mobility Assistance
  • SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS Consulting
  • Ecommerce Assistance & Consulting
  • Digital Transformation
  • Data Analytics Guidance & Consulting
  • ITSM Consulting
  • IoT, AI, and ML Consulting
  • Computer Vision
  • Cyber Security
  • Data Science Consulting
  • Embedded Soft wares



  • Application integration (RPA, SOA, & ESB including database integration)
  • Social Media Awareness Campaigns
  • Search Engine
  • Multilingual Content (Translations and Voiceovers)
  • Secure application architecture (mobile, cloud-native, integration-ready; SOA, integrated
    Application Performance Management, microservices
  • Bug fixing, analysing, improvising and maintenance of current system)
  • ITES/IT, analytical & embedded support
  • Big data analytics, AI or machine learning, IoT, AVI, VR/AR, blockchain and image analysis
  • Data recovery, Digital Forensics, Cyber Security (System vulnerabilities, threats, IT Security
    Training, and Security Infrastructure.)
  • A mature and agile process with high automation based on cloud computing, continuous
    integration, test automation, continuous delivery and containerization


New Project Launch Consultation

We plan a new and successful software solution (desktop, SaaS or mobile), select the right tech experts, designs and an approximate cost and time needed. (Including an ROI)

Development Assistance

Our best advice on how to keep your software development fast, economically safe and a smooth process overall.

Software Enhancement Consulting

We supplement existing software that you have, enrich it with the advanced techs (AI, computer vision, big data, IoT), and enhance its overall value.

Software Agreement Guidance

We guide you on how to keep your software, and its development process agreeable to standard regulations.

Continuing improvements

The adjusting of IT services is an ongoing process which is why it is always best to work in phases to identify problems and remove them. Using this 4 part system, we will help you to enhance and fine-tune your IT services continually

Social Media Publicity Training

We use our top techniques and resources to build publicity through various messaging, media and communication tricks. We also provide training for better awareness.

Perks of choosing DIBUDDY for a consultation:

More than consulting:

We combine our IT consulting with end-to-end and personal services that include: assistance, support,
management services and performance.

Fast results:

We apply efficient and advanced changes to help you achieve positive results as fast as possible and
keep increasing them in the future.

Economic Optimization:

Our vast expertise and experience in IT help achieve fast and effective results for your business all within your reasonable budget.

KPI efficiency:

We implement KPIs with you regularly and plan our services around them.

Practical dealing with changes:

We analyse the interdependencies between your systems and carefully explore the possible result of changes on each service, program, platform or module. Using that, we select and determine the priority of changes for the maximum optimized yet reliable improvements.

There’s still one question that might remain: Why would people want someone else to handle this?

Well, in the end, apart from the services and reasons, there is really only one answer possible: expertise. Regardless to say, we at Dibuddy have the relevant and the most advanced skill set that you would need for your IT problems.
Reliable and effective, we’re here to offer you our fast and personalised consulting – just for you.
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