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We combine imagination, creativity and finesse to empower your web identity!

Choose us to go digital with applications developed with the best interface and excellent technology


Our development experts across the globe ensure delivery of strong, customizable and error-free final solution. Weather you need web developer, app developer or embedded development, we serve with the best.

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Website Design

We create a stunning website to get more web traffic.

1: Website design as per your business needs
Dibuddy designs custom websites that go with your business. We never go for website templates because we want your business to stand out in the crowd. Our team creates the website from scratch after thorough research about your business, customer, and competitors. So, your website not just looks impressive but also helps your business to grow.

2: User-friendly websites
Good website design is not just about the looks but it also needs to be easy to navigate. Our team of UX developers do detailed research and plan out the user flow so we can give you the best user experience. We test your website through multiple levels to make sure that it meets your customer needs.

3: Scalable and error-free website design
We build your website with secure codes. It does not matter if your website is simple or complex, our designers and developers make use of the best coding practices from the start. Hence, we create a scalable website so you can add new features as your business grows.

4: SEO and Mobile friendly websites

We understand how important it is that your website appears in the search results. Dibuddy has the best SEO team that gives the designers a proper structure of the website with the use of the best practices. We have found that above 50% of web traffic comes from mobile users. So, users should be able to view the website properly on their mobile. We make sure the design is responsive so your users get the best viewing experience on all the screen sizes.

5: Build easy to manage the website using CMS
You would not want to pay a developer to change the website image on your website or add different products. Hence, we design websites using CMS so you can get control over your site once it is created. With the help of the easy to use back-end, you can make the small changes on your own. We have a lot of experience in WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, etc. So, we can also design a custom CMS that meets your need.

E-commerce Solutions

We create an E-commerce website that increases your sales

Begin the journey towards unconditional and maximized profitability. With years of experience, we have been able to leave our brand in the mouths of clients. We research trends and incorporate technologies that are suitable for your audience. We have been able to carve a niche for ourselves by only offering the latest and best technologies. Integrating email marketing, SEO, and more we can drive the traffic needed to your website.

1: E-commerce website with the goal of conversion
If you want your e-commerce website to sell your products then we are here to help you out with that. Even if there is a small flaw in the UI or the call to action button is at the wrong place can affect your sales. We have more than 15 years of experience in e-commerce website design. Our team knows a lot of ways to give the best shopping experience to your buyers and get conversions.
The goal is to create cost-efficient solutions that consistently deliver timely and offer only the best quality. Our eCommerce projects span across all fields from mobile accessibility to large screen navigation. We take your online business experience to the next level, making shopping activities easy.

2: Provide an end-to-end solution for your business
Running an online business is not easy. We understand your challenges. That is the reason why we offer end-to-end solutions. We give you the feature of uploading your product details from the back-end on your own. We also set up a payment gateway and set up a promotional campaign. No matter what you require, we are there for you.
4: You can choose your e-commerce platform
Our team supports all the main e-commerce platforms like WooCommerce, Magento, BigCommerce, and Shopify. If you have a specific choice of e-commerce platform then you can let us know so we can use that for you. We can also build a custom e-commerce platform with all the admin and support tools that you need for your business. Just tell us your needs and we will work on them.
4: Secure and scalable e-commerce website
We make your website safe and secure. We use the best practices to give your website the greatest security. Our team provides a feature where your site automatically takes regular backups. So, if something goes wrong with your website then we can recover it from the last backup. We also update the software and platform of your online store regularly. So, we guarantee the security of your website. We make it scalable so that you can add new features.
5: Integrate with your existing tools
If you already have a CRM platform, accounting software, or a third-party inventory management system then we can integrate that with your online store. We have our hands on integrating complex software and API. If this helps you to save your time and improves your processes then we will do it for you.

All our eCommerce websites are customized to meet your specific needs. With our excellent team of developers, we are continually coming up with unique contents using advanced frameworks.

Web Applications

We give you the best web app solutions for your business!

1: We build your ideas
Our team of developers has a vast experience with web apps. We also build custom apps for both web and mobile devices. We have developed large applications with accuracy. From many years we have built several online subscription platforms, custom CRM, booking apps, business intelligence solutions, accounting and management apps, etc

2: Design apps that are device compatible
We build apps that are accessible on different devices. So, your users can use them on mobile, tablet, or laptop and devices with different OS. In this way, we try to give the same user experience across all platforms and devices.

3: Reliable and scalable architecture
When you go for a custom application, you see it as an investment for your business. So, it should be built using reliable technology. Your app should also be scalable so you can add new features to it. Our team uses technologies like .Net, PHP, React, etc. which will keep growing with time. This will let you ass new features to your app even if a new development team works on it.

4: Appealing design and functions smoothly
Different teams are working on different things. The team of designers looks after the UI/UX part to make sure your app has easy to use navigation and the right flow.

5: Built to get a positive business outcome
Even if your software solution is well-built, it can fail to give you the needed outcome. This is because the development team can fail to understand the business process. This is the area where we are different from those companies. We do not just build your app but we provide a full package of digital services. We have a lot of experience in ERP, building business processes, and digital strategy to understand your idea.

We have been able to build our network’s trust with the quality of our application deliveries. We follow logical steps to achieve our goals. From planning, research, design, to implantation and report, our web developers and teams are always in contact with you to make sure all your requirements are met.

We create custom web applications to clients in all industries to help improve your business processes. Service rendered to you is unique and flexible, and our projects are known for their beauty and uniqueness. Hire our team of experts and be rest assured that you are in good hands.

We create the best responsive design for your website that can be utilized on any device. We only offer competitive prices, and our specifications are implemented in such a way that accessibility is easy and quality remains whether it be a smartphone or large screen.

From fonts, text, to colors and graphics, we only utilize the latest technologies for our web development. These include CSS3, HTML5, and if required PHP, C#, and .Net technologies.

Depending on your needs, we serve in different capacities. Our developer team is well skilled in frameworks such as jQueryMobile, Bootstrap, and AngularJS.


With each project, our client wants and needs come first. We try as much as possible to integrate all your desires to make

  • Talk and make clarifications about your concept
  • Find the best technology for you
  • We work with your budget
  • Your profit margins can only up from here
  • Discover new business models
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