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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Elevate your digital journey to the next level !

Search engines account for around 93% of all online experiences

Online local services attract 97% of consumers

Ranking among the top 5 results on Google’s first SERP is a privilege that every business aims to achieve! SEO shows you how!

What is SEO or Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization is a whole bunch of techniques that have increasingly become an indispensable part of online or digital marketing to reach your target audience by ranking higher on search results of a search engine.

SEO helps you to attract traffic to your website, generate brand awareness, and even encourage potential leads to buy your products and services.

Any business is looking for website traffic and conversions. A well-implemented SEO does just that for you!


Whether you are an SME or a big brand, Search Engine Optimization is your magic wand!

It is a virtual world we live in right now! The way people shop for things has changed drastically with the advance in search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. Search queries, user intention, quick and relevant results, have all become the pillars on which search engines are building all their algorithms.

Some studies show, 80% of shoppers conduct online research on products before they make any purchase decision. Thus, organic rankings are sure to boost your website traffic. All this makes SEO an extremely crucial aspect of any online marketing strategy. Without SEO, it might just be impossible to rank anywhere close to the top positions in a SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

We know as users that we do not go beyond the first page in SERPs. To rank organically, especially from a long-term perspective, SEO outruns every other strategy as its budget-friendly and effective. DiBuddy’s SEO professionals shall be the best investment you can make for your online success!

Advantages of Digital Marketing

1: Generate or improve your brand’s awareness2: Attract relevant traffic to your website3: Measurable results in terms of conversions4: Relatively low expenditure with high reach5: Using technology to your best advantage

DiBuddy is your best buddy in the field of Digital Marketing

Mentioned below are some of the services we offer under Search Engine Optimization (SEO):



Always be visible in your locality

Local SEO has gained traction over the years with small, local businesses utilizing the power of technology for growth. Local search terms like ‘best vegetarian restaurants near me’ have become too frequent. Such queries seek more local information and usually result in swift action by the user. Local SEO, thus, requires a local emphasis and focus so that search engines like Google detect the local context and display your website and services in those results accordingly.

It includes optimizing for on-page, content, and off-page, keeping in mind the store location. Creating and updating your Google My Business account, using local sites and sources for link building, creating an awareness of your business in your area, are some of the key tactics we use to build a credible local SEO for you.


Boost sales and sell your products to the right audience

E-Commerce SEO deals with optimization techniques used to attract more traffic and conversions on e-commerce websites. With the advent of numerous shopping websites, SEO tailored for the e-commerce audience has become the new norm. It includes crisp, accurate product descriptions with keyword research, optimizing on-page content on the site, link-building, and getting influencers on board. All these tactics will help to increase your click-through-rate.

Shopping Ads or Product Listing Ads (PLAs) have gained prominence in Google search results for transactional queries. Ranking for PLAs boosts visibility and sales as these ads are shown right at the top of the SERPs. DiBuddy helps you to achieve all these crucial objectives with our qualified team of SEO professionals.


Unique solutions to unique problems

B2B companies function in a highly competitive market scenario. Hence, B2B SEO needs to be dynamic and have a well-structured marketing strategy. Almost 98% of purchases related to B2B companies are digital. That makes it an exciting and challenging field to implement SEO tactics.

At DiBuddy, we look at SEO holistically, keeping in mind your products, target audience, and budget in mind. We have experts that can provide you with sound advice regarding advertising campaigns, different kinds of ad campaigns, and investment that have the potential to give you maximum results.

B2B SEO relies a lot on appropriate keyword targeting and understanding the user’s requirement and search intent. B2B companies may not easily see conversions online due to tough competition. But you can always build your potential customer base, give them incentives to convert, and choose your products over the numerous ones available in the market. Attract more audience, sustain growth, and build your B2B brand with us.

Some of the areas we specialize in are:

  • Lots of potential customers and a broad target audience – we help you to manage brand loyalty and increase customer satisfaction
  • Target audience is known – we help you to maximize your reach
  • Improve leads to sales ratio – we help you create a custom plan as per your needs
  • Reduce costs on lead generation – we help you to achieve this along with upholding the quality of content
  • Online customer satisfaction is paramount – we help you in designing, personalization, along with expert advice


SEO that leads to bigger and better sales on Amazon

Amazon SEO is applicable only for Amazon, which is the most popular e-commerce website for buyers around the world. For businesses, ranking higher on Amazon is a great way to sell their products and reach potential customers.

Amazon Search works a lot like Google Search, where the user intent is a major factor in ranking. Product listings on Amazon can be optimized for keywords and content to give your business the best opportunity to rank higher and increase conversions.

Following are some important aspects that our professionals work on while optimizing content for Amazon:

  • Setting up a brand or seller account
  • Best Seller Rank (BSR)
  • Product Listings
  • Product Reviews
  • Researching competitors
  • Account audits
  • Amazon PPC Management Services & Sponsored Listings (Product Display Ads, Headline Search Ads, Sponsored products)


Get attractive, engaging, optimized content

Content marketing is an integral part of digital marketing as content is at the very center of the digital universe. Content that is written not to rank on any search engine, but keeping in mind the user’s point of view, is the content that eventually ranks higher on SERPs. Content marketing, thus, includes creating and curating content that reaches the target audience and inspires them to take action.

Keyword research is the most vital part of this strategy that leads to better audience targeting. Collecting all the necessary information related to the audience demographics like age group, locality, gender, occupation, etc. content marketing achieves a detailed and accurate targeting. Contact us at DiBuddy for a complete content marketing strategy based on your business needs.


Build and sustain your brand loyalty with personalized campaigns

Be continuously in touch with the pulse of your past and potential customers through email marketing. An attractive subject line, a crisp and concise content body, with an appropriate click-to-action, is our expertise. We will ensure that your customers feel valued and maintain their brand loyalty to you. We have various campaign packages as per your business needs that you can choose. A customized email campaign, appraising the customers about your latest offerings, encouraging them to access your business site, and buy your products and services is our responsibility and aim.


Compelling copies that win you customers

Copywriting is an art! It can be challenging, fun, and rewarding. DiBuddy’s copywriters excel in creating copies that will take your online journey to greater heights. Right from blog posts, online guides, ad copies, sales pitches, we shall be your go-to digital buddy. Copywriting can have many objectives from engagement, traffic, sales, awareness, etc. Hire our professional copywriting services for a first-class, original, and engaging content.


Higher conversions = Greater revenue

Conversions are the ultimate step in any marketing strategy. It decides the cost and revenue that matters the most at the end of the day for any company’s balance sheet. Traffic and other Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) achieve significance only when it leads to action on your company website, that is, only when it leads to ‘converting’ customers. That is where Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) comes into the picture.

One of the supreme advantages of CRO is attracting ‘relevant’ traffic and seeing a good return on investment (ROI) in your Pay Per Click or PPC campaigns. That leads to a sound, convincing marketing strategy. We offer budget-friendly, transparent, and highly effective CRO services.


A beautifully designed website is your door to success

Your company website is like your visiting card; it creates the first crucial impression of your brand on a consumer’s mind, almost 95% of it, based on studies. A user-friendly, content-optimized website with easy navigation can be the biggest asset in your business. Consumers are not just looking to buy products from your website, but they are also looking for product and service information and knowledge. Promising website design includes pages dedicated to blogs, product catalogs, company introduction, contact details, testimonials, FAQs, and many such options. DiBuddy’s Website Design services will be your best bet for a thoroughly optimized, keyword-rich, neat, and attractive website to drive higher conversions and revenues.


We prepare you for the next big thing in Search

Alexa, Siri, these are all too familiar names for people around the world nowadays! Voice search is changing the landscape of search queries, which are now becoming increasingly conversational as people ask questions to these devices like they would ask a friend! Experts predict it to be the next big thing in Search in the coming years. With the world rapidly adapting to technological advancement and the younger generation being keenly involved with mobile devices and voice-assistants, the future only looks to be in favor of voice-based search queries. Research shows that results for voice search queries are usually from the Featured Snippets section and position zero results. Optimizing your website content for voice-search, hence, becomes a priority.

How do we optimize for voice search?

  • Deliberate on user intent
  • Optimize for long-tail keywords, natural language
  • Convert queries to question phrases
  • Keep answers and content concise
  • Ensure a fast, secure, user-friendly website on all devices
  • Build a good website schema to boost SEO
  • Continuously update your Google My Business profile and do not skip any information it asks for


The next cool thing in advertising

Geofencing Advertising is a new kind of location-based marketing strategy that targets users based on their geographical areas like a competitor’s shop, or an event in some location and such similar options. It relies on various technologies like GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc. These people are then sent targeted ads on their mobile devices. Thus, using real-time location data, companies can take advantage of customer proximity or their interests. We offer geofencing marketing services at nominal rates to clients.


Visual messages that leave a mark on people’s memory

Visual advertising works wonders with people! It has always been one of the most rewarding ways to build brand awareness and promotion among consumers. A well-written, well-edited video has the potential to reach millions in today’s viral-video phenomenon. Hire DiBuddy to curate videos for brand awareness, promotional videos on social platforms, custom online videos on your website, and much more. We shall ensure your videos scream quality and take your brand forward.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) FAQs


Digital marketing is also known as online marketing. Today everything is going digital so the marketing needs to step in the digital world. Digital marketing means promoting a product, brand, or business through engagement activities on different social media platforms. The purpose of digital marketing is to be seen and heard to get leads that you turn into customers.


Today, more than 95% of people are using the internet to look for local sellers for services and products. So, to get in touch with them and increase your leads to boost your sales, you need to meet them where they spend the majority of their time that is on the internet.


We are your one-stop solution for digital marketing. We offer website design, SEO, PPC, email marketing, handling social media accounts and social media marketing, video marketing, tracking and analytics, chat services, branding, and many other services.


A majority of businesses require PPC, SEO, and website design as the main services. But it totally depends on your business to decide which services will suit your needs in the best way. It also depends on factors like your budget, the type of target audience, what are your goals, the services/products you offer, and other such factors.


Inbound marketing strategies are the contrast of traditional marketing strategies like cold calling, billboards, mails, print, radio broadcast, TV, tradeshows, etc. These traditional strategies cause interruption to people by pushing your message to them which the majority of times people ignore.

Whereas the inbound marketing strategies include PPC (pay per click), content marketing, SEO, advertising, and social media marketing. This attracts the attention of the audience. When the audience feels interested it pulls them towards your business. You can then convert those leads to your customers.


We pay attention to detail and have built our reputation for responsiveness. We generate monthly reports for our clients and put forward the reporting and communications process during the conversation of intake.


The basic formula is:

SEO + PPC = Increase in Search Engine visibility and get more data for making smart decisions

As we all know, improving your SEO ranking helps to improve your website ranking and visibility. It increases your chances of appearing at the top of the first page or lands your website on the first page of Google search for one or more keywords that you are aiming for. Along with this when you purchase PPC ads for those keywords with a high bid then it increases the chances of your ad to appear near the top of the Google page when your keyword is searched. But when you pause your PPC ads, it causes a negative effect on your website traffic even though your website has a high ranking.


If you go for cheap services then you will not find anything unique. They will come up with duplicate content and ideas no matter in which category your business belongs to. A low-cost SEO service will not offer you customized strategies and you will be assigned inexperienced managers to handle your accounts. They may make use of black-hat strategies to improve the rank of your website which could lead to penalization from Google and Bing.


Black Hat SEO strategies are used to increase the ranking of the website or webpages when a keyword is searched by violating the terms and conditions of the search engine. Search engines have become smarter at picking up spam actions and unethical ways by which businesses try to tweet their ranking. When they come across such action they could ban your website from their search engines.

Some common black-hat strategies are:

  • Keyword stuffing
  • Hidden text
  • Buying links


The way to ace the SEO ranking of your website for a long time is to create and the best content for your audience. If you are successful in answering enough questions and manage to deliver some valuable content to your visitors then you can easily build up a reputation for your business. Google calls this E-A-T. Once you develop trust, Google automatically sends traffic to your website on a regular basis. This is how to obtain SEO victory. So, avoid going for short term fixes by fooling the search engines but aim for long-term results.


Internet marking depends on many factors but the major ones are:

  • Type of product/service
  • Target audience
  • Your aim and purpose
  • Your budget

After a thorough competitive analysis, we come up with recommendations of the best channels in which you should invest for your benefit.


This totally depends on what you mean by results. You will immediately see your keyword ranking going high but we don’t consider them as results. For us, converting traffic means results. Here we are very specific while mention converting traffic and not just traffic to your website. To see this happen, we usually set a target of 90 days from the time we launch the campaign until we see results. But we would be getting signs that we are heading in the right direction.


Are you wondering about the cost of SEO services so you get an idea if that fits in your budget? When it comes to SEO, you end up getting what you pay for. The best SEO companies will not give you a quote without a thorough analysis. The cost starts from $100 a month for small businesses and goes up to $1000 per month for enterprise businesses. What should matter is the return you get from the marketing investment. Spending $500 a month is definitely a huge amount but if that turns into $5000 per month then it is worth investing.

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